YZY-342 Twin-screw oil expeller

  • YZY342 pre-press has suitable process characteristics for pre-pressing. Under normal pretreatment conditions, it has the following characteristics:large processing capacity. Workshop area, power consumption, operation, management and maintenance work corresponding reduction.
  • squeeze the structure of the cake loose and not broken, is conducive to solvent penetration.
  • squeezed cake oil content and moisture suitable for solvent leaching.
  • squeeze the quality of oil than a squeeze or a leaching of oil as well.the amount of treatment: more than 300T / 24 hours (to cottonseed or rapeseed as an example);
  • cake residual oil rate: 11 ~ 16% (under normal pretreatment conditions);
  • motor: 185 kw, 7.5 kw;
  • net weight: about 14980 kg;
  • Dimensions: 4935 × 1523 × 2664 mm.
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