Soybean Oil Press Soybean Oil Extraction Plant Soya Oil Refinery Machinery Plant

  • Weighing: The Raw-stuff, Soybean is firstly stored in Buffer Tank which is for adjusting the Soybean flow. By means of Weighter the processed Soybean is weighted and the imputing quantity is accumulated.
    leaning and Impurities separating: By means of Vibrating Sieve the larger and smaller size impurities in Soybean are removed out.
  • Gravity De-stoner & Magnetic Separating: some impurities which are as almost same size as Soybean are still mixed in Soybean, but as their gravity or nature properties are different, by means of Gravity De-stoner and Magnetic Separator , the heavy stone and ferric impurities are separated out from Soybean.
  • Crushing & De-hulling: In order to increase protein content in Soya Meal, the de-hulling process is very significant. De-hulling system is composed of Cracking by two Crushing Mill which breaks Soybean into small pieces, and twice separating by Aspirators which separates Soy Hull out from Soya Meal.
  • Flaking: Flaking Machine is adopted for flaking Soya Meat into thin Flake, during which Soybean cell tissue is destroyed.
  • Extrusion puffing: The Soya Flake is fed into Expander in which heat is produced with the functions of kneading, friction between the spiral shaft and inner wall of the Expander, meanwhile eject in steam to increase Soya Flake temperature.
  • Drying & Cooling: Jetting out from the end of expander, the Soya Cake is very moist and hot , it should be dried at moisture content 9.5% or so, and cooled down to about 60℃ by counter-current-wise down in Cooling Dryer, and then the dried Soya Cake is conveyed into Extraction workshop.
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