Coconut Peanut Soybean Edible Oil Making Machine Plant Automatic 97kw

  • Palm fruit reception:
    Transport FFB to reception station, flow to the scraper conveyer, conveyed to sterilizing station.
  • Sterilizaiton:
    FFB transported by scraper conveyer fall into sterilizing tank, make FFB soft, get more oil yield. sterilizing time 90~120mins, temperature 130~145°C
  • Threshing:
    After sterilizing, fruit bunch transported to thresh machine, separate palm fruit and empty fruit bunch.
  • Digesting:
    Before press palm fruit, should be crushed separated pulp and kernel
  • Oil press:
    After crushing and digesting, the maxture of palm fruit and kernel fall into special palm oil presser
  • Clarification:
    Filter the oil and use centrifuge to separate oil and impurities.
  • Kernel recovery:
    After press, the kernel and cake will be transported to kernel recovery station. Separating nut and shell, then go to kernel oil press.
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