100tph Edible Oil Making Machinery Avocado Mustard Olive Oil Cold Pressing

  • AGSZ28-2 type is a new kind of cold press which designed in our meticulous and innovative technology, it uses two parallel screw shafts, the flakes are under strong shearing thrust force in the pressing cage, so as to achieve self-clean outflow pass of the oil.
  • This machine is suitable for the cold press of vegetable oils from such oil bearing materials as peanut kernel, cotton seed kernel, rape seed, sunflower seed, soya beans, etc.
  • Compact in structure, sturdy and durable.
  • Two parallel screw shafts push the flakes forward, the shearing force acts so as to solve the problem of the press of high oil content, low fiber content seed kernel.
  • With the powerful shearing force, the machine has excellent self-clean ability, is applicable for the cold press of various kinds of high oil content seed kernel.
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