200kg Hour Edible Oil Making Machine Black Small Walnut Peeling Machine Process

  • The machine is mainly applied to remove the hard shell of the walnuts
  • After shelling,you will get the whole walnuts kernel.The separate rate of sheller and nuts kernel is high,whole nuts rate is more than 85%.Kernel damage rate is less than 5%.
  • As the different kinds of walnuts. The production and unbroken ratio are different; the optimum effect can be realized by means of controlling the revolution speed and the force of air inside the machine.
  • The cashews are fed into the machine for the top. Being shelled inside the machine and discharged out afterwards.
  • The machine size can be designed to be smaller based on specific requirements.
  • Peeling of raw materials – drying – Upgrading – grading and size of raw fruits – shelling – screening after breaking shells – breaking shells – re breaking shells for the uncooked and large pieces of broken shells – separation of shell and kernel separator after shelling – selection with selection belt.
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