50TPD Sunflower Seed Oil Extraction Machine Manufacturing Soybean Expeller

  • The multi-functional oil press is a new generation of spiral oil press specially designed for cold and hot dual-purpose pressing of all kinds of oil. It is especially suitable for pressing organic plants and high value-added economic crops. When the machine is pressed, the oil temperature is low, the oil yield is high, and the residual oil of the cake is low.
  • The processed oil is light in color, good in quality and rich in nutrition, meeting the international market standard. The multifunctional oil press is suitable for pressing more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as rapeseed, peanut, soybean, sesame, oil sunflower, camellia seed, walnut kernel, corn germ, etc.
  • All such main parts of this machine as wormshaft, pressing worms, cage bars, gears and so forth are made of high-grade alloy steel through hardening treatment. As a result, in spite of the conditions of high temperature and abrasion under which they work day and night, they keep durable for a considerable period.
  • The combination of steaming and roasting is also one of the features of this machine. It can be regulated in accordance with the varied requirements of various oil-bearing materials for the temperatures before pressing so as to get high quality oils. The whole process from feeding, steaming, roasting up to the discharge of oil and cake goes on automatically and continuously, so it is easy to operate the machine, which results in the saving of labour.
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