Ylb307 Oil Filter

  • Shaft speed: 35-39r/m Gear ratio in gearbox: 15/40/15/55=1: 8.78
  • Weight: 760Kg Dimensions: 1980x680x1460mm YL-160 Oil mill, power: Power: 18.5-22Kw, output: 14 – 18 Ton per day Shaft speed: 35-39r/m Gear ratio in gearbox: 15/38/15/52=1: 8.78 Weight: 960Kg Dimensions: 2020x700x1480mm 6YL sereis oil press / oil mill can be widely used for sunflower, peanuts etc all kinds of plants.
  • It has the character of simple structure, easy operation, high output etc characters, they are widely used in China and are exported to Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, etc many countries in the world.
  • YL-95A Oil mill, power: 8Kw, output: 4-5 ton per day YL-125 oil mill, power: 15Kw, output: 5-8 ton per day

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