Alternative Hilco Oil Filter Cartridge PL-718-05-GE for Hydraulic System

  • Hilco oil filter adopts many kinds of materials, such as glass fiber, wood pulp filterpaper ,stainless steel sinter fiber web and stainless steel wire woven.
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  • 01μ ~ 1000μ 21bar-210bar (Hydraulic Liquid Filtration) Vition, NBR
  • The critical fact for the proper operation of the engine is to keep the lubricating oil clean, or to ensure no corrosive impurity inside the lubrication oil.
  • Refrigeration compressors (lube and coolant), gas turbines, centrifugal lubricated couplings, high-pressure fluid filtration, and test stands.
  • Marine/Shipping – Mid Stream Gas – Mining – Natural Gas Pipeline Transmission – Oil & Gas – Power Generation – Pulp & Paper – Refinery – Steel Industry –
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