Hot Sales Yzyx140cjgx Rapeseed Peanut Soybean Oil Extractor

  • YZYX140CJGX healthiest oil extraction machine characteristics 4-step pressing, oil plants can be squeezed dry only by one time when using hot pressing.
  • With big deceleration box to ensure stable running.
  • With lengthened cage, the squeezing power is extremely strong.
  • YZYX140CJGX Suitable oil material Various oil plants, such as rapeseeds, cotton seeds, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut and palm kernel, etc.
  • Quality Standard Conform to JB/T9793· 1-1999 of the People’s Republic of China & ISO9001: 2008.
  • After-Sale Service We supply spare all year around.
  • We supply technical solutions and helps for buyers at any time.
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