Dhzys Series Edible Oil Refinery Disc Centrifuge

  • It is for the vegatable oil refining industry.
  • For use in continuous degumming, neutralizing, dewaxing, and washing of vegetable oils, such as peanut oils, colza oil, palm oil, oliver oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil etc.
  • Special applications: Re-refining of used frying fats ≡ ≡ Hermetically closed system ≡ Separator with Gear Drive ≡ All parts in contact with the process liquid are made of stainless steel.
  • ≡ Automatic operating system.
  • ≡ Motor is suitable for variable frequency drive ≡ Self-cleaning system ≡ Low installation and maintenance costs Quality guarantee Separator manufactured in compliance with quality guaranteen system of ISO9001-2000.
  • The Seller shall guarantee that the separator manufactured in compliance with quality guarantee standard of JB/T8103-200
  • The guarantee period shall be 1 year counted from the date on which the commodity arrives at the port of destination.
  • Centrifuge with motor, set of tools, control unit, speed sensor, vibration switch, vibration dampening feet, foundation plate and standard set of spares.
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