Automatic Frying Temperature controlled CY-172C Combined Oil Press

  • This machine is a new environment protection auto-frying combined oil press, it includes: Cooking pan(can control the temperature automatically), pressing machine(to press different oilseeds) and the vacuum filter(to filter the oil).
  • The main function and advantage of this machine is: Cooking pan heated by electric automatically to cook the materials to stated temperature for better oil output, and its with nice shape, highly structured, easy installation, high degree of automation, fast warn-up, and high oil output rate with pure scent.
  • It can be applied to press sesame, peanut, rapeseeds, Sunflower seeds, soybean, tea seeds etc.
  • Model: CY-172C auto-frying combined oil press Capacity: 40-65kg/h Power: 3kw Weight: 460kg Size(mm): 10809201830
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