1T/D-100T/D Rice bran oil production line

  • Rice bran— cleaning —– softening —— expanding — drying — to extraction workshop Main technology and equipment feature: Solvent extractor choose stainless steel stationary grid mechanical frequency speed adjust, rotocel extractor materials storage level auto control, efficiency extraction and low consumption; condensers all choose aluminium alloy tube condensers with fast condensing.
  • Wet mill desolventizing choose DTC evapo-separated machine, desolventizing and drying finish in one machine.
  • The product mill small powder with nice color, evaporation materials level auto control.
  • Choose rising film evaporation technology, evaporation temperature low, and crude oil quality good and save power, evaporator second time steam heat recycling use as the first evaporator’s heating source.
  • Steam stripping crude oil and mixing oil heating exchange to save source.
  • End gas recycling choose the latest water-bath exhaust recycling equipment, the exhausted gas are recycling used and reduce solvent consumption.
  • Crude rice bran oil—— degumming, water washing, drying——— deacidification—— decolorization ——— physical deacidification & deodorization —— refined rice bran oil.
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