Automatic Tin Can Making Production Line for Vegetable Oil Can

  • ,China,is a company can provide all the solutions for Tinplate can making, Steel Drum making project for more than 20 years .
  • Our machines can be used for food packaging industry,Chemical packaging industry ,Medical packaging industry etc.
  • Tinplate Can Machines Including Automatic slitter,Automatic welder,Automatic body flanging machine,Automatic seamer machines.
  • Automatic press line for top and bottom making ,Automatic progressive dies.
  • And some other components, sealing compound which are necessary in metal can packaging; Steel drum Making machine including, Automatic uncoiler line,Automatic press for top and bottom cover, Precurling and lining machine, Dies, Injection hole dies ,Automatic drum welders, Body flanging machine , Drum body leakage tester machine,Drum seamers ,Drum washing and printing lines etc .
  • And we also provide those compounds,Locking rings,Seals, Copper wires etc.
  • To provide our customer with best quality machines and good service is our basic principle.
  • We sincerely invite the friends to visit us .
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